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Greetings From Donnas-Doll-Designs

~ ~ ~ 

 Welcome to my website!

The following pages feature pictures of outfits that I have created and sold. 

I've been sewing for fashion dolls since 2004 and it is my favorite passtime!  Many of the design inspirations come from the fashions of the 1950's .... when Barbie was first introduced.  

Most of the designs are made to fit Silkstone Barbie dolls, but I also sew outfits that will fit Vintage Barbie, Barbie Basics, and Fashion Royalty.  Recently I've  started sewing for Ken and Skipper dolls, rounding out the family of fashion dolls.  

I try to create new outfits every week and they are available for sale at my online store. 

You can connect to the online store at my "For Sale Now" page....links on the left will help you navigate through this site.

 Thankyou for Looking!




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